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Our bestsellers this week feature a local writer’s fiction and a local icon’s story.


Alice McDermott                                     


A. Scott Berg

When you buy something from an independent retailer, you might pay more than Amazon, but that extra bit is an investment," photojournalist Ben Roberts explains. "When you pay it, you’re investing in the quality of not only your own life but the life of the community around you.

Without that investment? No need to imagine a world without shops, just imagine the walls of a fulfillment center like the one in Rugeley—growing as fast as Amazon does—extending into the horizon, forever. And even shoppers might one day become the automatons wandering between the shelves.



Bookstore aficionados may know of—or even may have visited—Kepler’s Books, a long-time fixture in the Bay Area and once a favorite haunt of book lovers from Stanford professors to Joan Baez.

Now Kepler’s is in a fight for survival—for the second time in a decade—and leading the charge to save it is Praveen Madan and his wife Christin Evans, co-owners of The Booksmith in San Francisco. As part of a project called Keplers2020, Madan and Evans last week brought together 78 representatives from across the book industry to imagine collectively what a community bookstore of the future—and Kepler’s specifically—might look like.

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