Three wonderful Tumblr writers have new books on sale today, and what a diverse group they are:

Dan Wilbur tells you How Not To Read in a funny little guide based on Better Book Titles. The party is tonight!

Emma Straub’s long-awaited debut novel is here. I read it in one sitting and then bought another copy for my mom. You should too.

Allie Hagan channels Suri Cruise in this very important instruction manual for fashion and for life. Based on Suri’s Burn Book. The party is 9/25, with the delightful Emma Koenig of Fuck I’m in My 20s.

This should keep you in reading material until at least next Tuesday…

Behold the power of Tumblr, ye literary mortals!

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    what power of tumblr are we talking about exactly?
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    Behold the power of Tumblr, ye literary mortals!
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    I’m trying to figure out how to make a book out of animated GIFs. I could make another flip book. That worked pretty...
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    And when you finish them, go work on a book so we can celebrate you…

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